Type 1 Diabetic Sick Day Symptoms

I am writing these sick day symptoms down to remind me that I should not make promises to myself about being able to organise the next day's activities. Today was to be the continuation of painting our front French doors which we undercoated yesterday and I was so looking forward to finishing this project this morning, but the following symptoms, which I do have on a regular basis, have once again set me back.



5am            Woke with a 6.6 blood glucose level (BGL) and was feeling fine.

6am            Had my regular long-acting 10 units of Lantus Glargine Insulin

6.45am       I made Oat bran pancakes for breakfast and injected 2 ½ units fast-acting Humolog insulin

8am            Feeling dizzy and unwell. Tested blood pressure (BP) - 129/49. I felt as if I was going to fall over. I did a BGL test – 9.3BGL. Feeling most unwell

9am            12.8 BGL and dizziness getting worse. Injected extra ½ unit Humolog. Difficulty standing and thinking. Aching limbs, burning eyes and fatigue. Delivery person knocked on front door and I could not walk down the stairs. My Carer/Husband answered the door.

10am          10.7BGL and typing these notes. Tested BP 120/60 and feeling less dizzy.

10.15am     ½ Protein bar

11am          Hungry and nauseous. Starting to think about preparing lunch.

11.30am     Losing clear vision now and my arms and legs are burning. Carer will prepare lunch

12pm          Chicken curry leftover, ½ muffin. Injected 1 ½ units Humolog, BGL 9.9.


12.30pm     Feeling better

With these symptoms occurring quite regularly I am never sure whether I am going to be able to perform a task I have set for myself, or worse – for other people. Occasionally I am out shopping with my Carer and have to stop immediately and sit down even if there are no seats available, such as at the supermarket.

The inconvenience of these small episodes has added to the complications of having Type 1 Diabetes in that I cannot go places by myself, and this has been happening for some years now. I was once stranded eighty kilometres from our home when I went to visit a close friend and had to wait to recover similar symptoms before I could drive home. By then it was night time and at this stage the fatigue was already affecting my eyesight. I ate a muesli bar and headed for the Motorway with cars whizzing by at 100kmph. I recall the fright of driving home, and that was the last visit to my friend's house by myself.



Hypoglycaemic events of 4.0 > 1.9 BGL and occasional loss of consciousness


Hyperglycaemic events of 15.0<28.9BGL and semi-consciousness

Nausea and vomiting (Medication – Somac 40mg)

High blood pressure over 160BP and palpitations – (Medication Karvea 300mg, Verapamil 240mg)

Neuropathy - Burning legs and sharp pains in the calves, puffed feet and hands - (Medication Tegretol 200mg). I wear Jobst Medical LegWear UltraSheer Medical Compression Stockings

15-20 mmHg for the pain and bruising. Cost – AUD$60 in year 2011.

This afternoon I will rest up and wait for a better chance at the painting. All the best on your journey.

Ailsa E. Cooper