Notes for Rick - April 2011

Dr. P. has requested an accompanying letter from you with each of my Pathology Test Results, to him. He wonders if the letters are being sent over to my previous GP? Also, would you kindly write a letter of introduction to Dr. P. about my medical record with you? (Not 'War and Peace', but he would appreciate a short over-view.

I was unable to have the Stress Echo Test you recommended, as unfortunately it was not Bulk Billed. It required an upfront payment of AUD$450 with an interim of AUD$150. I have been receiving a full Disability Support Pension since February 2000.

27/3/11 – Feeling dizzy and ill, BP 128/49

21/3/11 (3 weeks ago) - I increased the Lantus from 10<13 units of a morning, and from 10<12 units at night. My overall readings appear greatly improved, and I am looking forward to a reduced HbAlc on my next visit. I still experience the occasional 2.2 BGL of a morning, but far less often. My total insulin dose for the day is 31 units.

15/3/11 – FluVax

5/1/11 – 9am. Very unwell with palpitations. BP 150/60, Pulse 99, feeling dizzy and weak.

3/1/11 – We had a surprise visit from interstate relatives and after a while I started to feel ill, my pulse was racing and I could not calm down. I started having chest pain and tightness in the throat like a gagging feeling, and I was having difficulty breathing. I was putting my words back to front and evidently my speech was slurred. Later my BP was 148/59 with a resting pulse of 100 and I was feeling exhausted. I see my ability to interact socially slowly diminishing.

Thank you for seeing me today,

Ailsa E. C.

(P.S. Prof. Rick Jackson, Endocrinologist, has since prescribed Glyceryl Trinitrate 400mcg for any future Angina events such as this one I experienced).

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