Savoury Omelette


This is my recipe for a Savoury Omelette which is light and quick to make, and could also be suitable for vegetarians. Canned chickpeas can be used or a cup of cooked potato would also work well.

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Serves 4


4 eggs

1 cup mashed chickpeas

4 fresh button mushroom (not canned)

½ can diced tomatoes

½ cup red or brown onion finely chopped

½ cup chopped Spring onion (optional)

Olive oil



Heat the pan and grease with olive oil. Combine all ingredients in a bowl

and pour into the pan. Turn once after 10 minutes, then cook for a further

10 minutes until set. Serve immediately either with a green salad or cold meat

or simply on its own.

Tip: This mixture can be halved and refrigerated to then cook the next day.


Bon Appetit