Open Chicken Sandwich


I put this quick and easy lunch together, straight from the fridge, and the meal was ready in five minutes. Any extra salad vegetables could be used, especially sliced zucchini, snow peas, or green beans.


2 slices bread

Sliced vegetables - lettuce, onion, tomato, fresh mushrooms, red capsicum

Black pepper

2 tablespoons natural yoghurt

100gr sliced cooked chicken

½ cup grated cheese (optional)



Place the bread on a dinner plate and cover with a bed of lettuce.

Layer all the vegetables and sprinkle with black pepper

Put dollops of yoghurt over the sandwich, then add the sliced chicken


Tip: For a main meal, use a larger quantity of the vegetables, add an egg or a slice

of pineapple, and garnish with cheese.


Bon Appetit