Lemon and Almond Crepes


I made this recipe after discovering the health benefits of using Oat bran to lower cholesterol and improve the digestive system. I bought a coffee grinder especially for this purpose and keep a quantity in glass jars ready for this recipe or making muffins. Other flour such a Brown Rice Flour or Wholemeal could be used, and I find a good mixture of several flours gives a lovely flavour and texture.
1 egg

1 cup milk

Almond flakes (optional)

Lemon juice

1 ½ cups of mixed flour (I use Oatbran, Triticale, Five Grain flakes (ground up) but you could use
any flour. (These are available from health food stores)


Whisk all the ingredients together. Heat the pan with a little olive oil until hot.

Put a small amount of mixture in the pan and turn from side to side to spread the mixture to the edges.

Cook until the batter bubbles, and turn for another minute or until the crepe is slightly browned.

Put on a plate and give a squeeze of lemon juice.

Quickly roll up the crepes while hot, and serve.

Tip: A tablespoon of Oat bran adds bulk to any morning cereal, such as muesli.

Bon Appetit