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Adams, Ruth and Frank Murray. 'Is Low Blood Sugar Making You a Nutritional Cripple?'

Lachmont Books, New York, 1981

ISBN 0-915962-11-X

Atkins, Robert C. M.D. 'Dr. Atkin's Health Revolution'

Bantam/Houghton Mifflin Company, May 1990

ISBN 0-55328360-X


Balch, Phyllis A., C.N.C. 'Prescription For Nutritional Healing Fourth Edition'

Avery, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. New York 2006.

ISBN 1-58333-236-7


Barlow, Wilfred. 'The Alexander Principle – How to use your body without stress'

Victor Gollancz Ltd, London 1990.

ISBN 0-575-04749-6


Berg, Kris E., EdD.  'Diabetic's Guide to Health and Fitness'

Life Enhancement Publications, Illinois, 1986

ISBN 0-87322-901-0


Bernstein, Richard K., M.D. F.A.C.E. 'Diabetes Solution - A Complete Guide

to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars'. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, NY, 1997

ISBN 0316093440


Borushek, Allan.  'New Diet Manual'

Family Health Publications, Perth, W.A.,  1988

ISBN 0 947091 04 1


Brand Miller, Jennie, Foster-Powell, Kaye, Colagiuri, Stephen

'The G.I. Factor - The Glycaemic Index Solution', Hodder & Stoughton, 1996

ISBN 0 7336 0262 2.


Bullivant, Vaughan, D.Sc., ND DNM. 'The Natural Way to Better Health and Longer Life'. Equals International, Community Services & Health Reference System EQI:167:


Carter, Mary Ellen and William A. McGarey - Cayce, Edgar.

'On Healing - Dramatic cases of healing considered in the light of modern medicine'. Aquarian Press, 1991

ISBN  1 85538 126 5


Cayce, Edgar. 'Home Medicine Guide', Edgar Cayce Foundation Publishers, 1992

ISBN 87604-139-X


Colman, Michael. Diabetes and You - An Owner's Manual Lilly 1991

ISBN 0 646 06337 5


Cooper, Kenneth H., M.D. M.P.H. 'The Aerobics Program for Total Well-being'

Bantam/M. Evans & Co., Inc. 1982

ISBN 0-553-34018-2


Diabetes Education and Assessment Programme Staff

Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW, Australia, 'The Traffic Light Guide To Food', 1992

ISBN 0-9593811-5-5


Donsbach, Kurt W. 'What you Always Wanted to Know about Diabetes'

The International Institute of Natural Health Sciences, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA 1981

ISBN 0-86664-038-X


English, Ruth and Janine Lewis.  'Nutritional Values of Australian Foods'

Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, Australia, 1992

ISBN 0 644 13871 8

For the web site operation of  'Nutritional Values of Australian Foods', please view "Further Reading".


Faelten, Sharon, Jim Nechas, Stephen Williams, Marian Wolbers.

'Understanding Vitamins and Minerals'

Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1984

ISBN 0-87857-463-8 hardcover


Fordham, Frieda. 'An Introduction to Jung's Psychology'.

A Pelican Book/Penguin, Great Britain, 1956


Gabriel, Jon. 'The Gabriel Method - The Revolutionary Diet-Free Way to Lose Weight'

Simon & Schuster, Australia, 2009

ISBN 9780731814268


Green, Dr. Martyn A. 'The Maze Within'. Revised Edition 2010


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